For a long time, radical left wing concepts were just that – radical.  Most people just dismissed them.  Once in a long while someone might get elected to some minor municipal or provincial position who talked about socialism in less than condemnatory fashion but common sense largely prevailed.  Over the past couple of years, tho, I’ve seen an alarming trend to move the commonly-acceptable position hard left, with way more success than what I’m comfortable with.  The centers of this on this continent seems to be the megalopolis cities on the east coast and the damp environments of the north west coast.  In Oregon we’ve got the municipal governments rolling over exposing their bellies to anyone with an Antifa button, but in Arizona protesters are facing life in prison for terrorism charges.  Then I saw this:

So, to paraphrase; this idiot who actually got enough people to vote for her to make her a member of the Seattle city council doesn’t understand how people can be more concerned with local looting than with the “racist White cops killing unarmed innocent Black people” issue that’s “rampant” in some other communities in the States.  She’s actually making fun of the property owners and shopkeepers in CHAZ who have been assaulted and had their properties ransacked by masked looters who are upset over this because of the much more serious issue of systemic police racism in the greater country.  In her own city.  If you can’t see how this is taking the concept of being an SJW waaaay too far, you might be an idiot.  If you support her in this idiocy, you might be criminally stupid and IMO you are too intellectually immature to claim the right to vote, and make administrative decisions for anyone not wearing your skin.


In keeping with what appears to be a trend on my site; here’s my latest slightly paranoid conspiracy theory: the Butts Liberals are slowly turning Canada into a totalitarian state.

Big words, I know!  First; the “Butts” Liberals?  I really don’t think Justin Trudeau has the vision that this plan needs.  He’s a pawn; the electable scion that gets his buddy Butts in the door to set up his plan.  It’s not a secret that the left wing, or in Canada specifically the LPC are the deciders of everything that’s cool and popular, so all they had to do was pick a leader that was cool and popular.  Good at anything else is a bonus, and in that regard they lost, big time because all Justin Trudeau is good at is being cool and popular, and not one little thing else.  But that’s all that’s needed.

Just look at what’s happening now: the media won’t even ask Trudeau why he’s still not living with his wife and children.  The time and necessity for him to be social distancing from his family was over weeks ago, but there’s no sign of Sophie anywhere within a dozen miles of the “cabin” he’s been batching in for a few months now.  This goes to the bias in the media, as there’s no way in hell any Conservative leader would have had anything like this happen without daily peppering of questions from every news source, if not hourly “updates” from the reporters camped out on the front lawn looking for a candid video shot through some curtains left open.  But Justin has yet to be asked anything remotely resembling a hard question, from any journalist, ever.  Some private individuals at “town halls” or “debates”, yes, but no reporter who has the ability to get within shouting distance of Trudeau has the balls to get serious.  When it’s not only your job, but your entire networks’ continued ability to operate that’s on the line, what can the viewing public expect?  Unbiased news?  Not in this country.  Not with this government.

Butts, through Trudeau, has created an environment that’s not only pro-Liberal, it’s pro-Liberal by law.  Want federal money?  For anything?  First you have to prove you’re Canadian enough by declaring, one way or another, that you’re Liberal.  No declaration or equivalent?  No money.  So not only do Catholic summer camps get shut out (and down, in some cases) but the only news sources in the whole country that don’t have their collective noses up Butts’ butt get absolutely no co-operation from any part of the national government.

This blatant political control of the vast majority of the country’s news sources has cemented a serious flaw into the very fabric of our national identity.  It’s become politically incorrect, or “uncool” in terms my generation can understand, to be publicly identified as a conservative.  Ask any right wing gay person.  The story I’ve heard, in every case, was that getting outed as a conservative cost these unfortunate right wingers more, and some times a LOT more, than coming out as gay.  The left wing is still selling itself as a defender of the poor, oppressed homosexuals but the reality is that there are very few oppressed homosexuals out there.  Not that gay bashing doesn’t still happen, and teen-agers still have the potential to be royal pricks about such things, but real instances of homophobia are a small fraction of what they were even a generation ago.  But any gay person (or racially diverse, or handicapped, or visibly belonging to any “minority”) who declares to be right wing is immediately and viciously attacked, delegitimized, and shunned by their community.

Not that long ago Conservatives were in power.  Well, almost.  Not conservatives, but at least Conservatives.  Usually the best thing about Conservative politicians, to conservatives, is that they’re not Liberals.  We don’t deify our leaders, and if there’s flaws in our leaders we tear them apart and look for new ones.  The left turns their leaders into demi-gods; flawless shining examples of every virtue of humanity with no room for the slightest bit of less-than-absolute perfection in any way.  Whomever the current leader of the Liberal party is, if they’re in power and he’s the Prime Minister, is the best Prime Minister Of All Time And Always Will Be (until the next one).  To conservatives, we might, if pressed, admit that maybe Sir John A. MacDonald was pretty cool, you know, for actually founding the country and Mulroney did win the biggest election victory in history.  But Harper?  He should’ve gutted the CBC, and didn’t.  Conservatives are much more likely to be critical of our leaders than left wingers. I think it’s because we have enough width and depth of vision to understand that if Harper had been as hard on the CBC as he should have been we might not be in our second term of Justin Trudeau right now.  So we’ve got a situation now where to even admit publicly that one is a right winger is asking for vicious attacks from leftists, unionists, and anarchists from any and all angles.

This is what happens when the leftist concept of “intersectionality” is allowed to fester and evolve into “negative intersectionality”, or guilt by association.  Take the Rebel for example.  Faith Goldy used to work for them, as a holdover from when they were all Sun employees.  Faith did an interview with a German magazine a few years ago, a magazine who’s management has been fairly open in their support for some very unsavory white supremacy groups.  Real ones, not the made up ones like Proud Boys.  Nazi-types.  Never mind that her last name is Goldy (Hello?  Yiddish much?) the fact that she was interviewed by someone who was a white supremacist is enough for the left, the Liberal Party of Canada, the Conservative Party of Canada, and all the major media sources in the country to immediately and completely condemn everything and anyone who’s ever been or ever will be associated in any way with Faith Goldy, amen.  First problem: this ban is all-encompassing, and unfortunately includes the one media source that Canadian conservatives turn to more than any other, by a huge margin.  Second problem: the LPC set the tune, and the CPC danced to it.  Instead of showing some balls, Harper gave the moral superiority regarding this issue over freely to the Liberals, and followed suit in banning the Rebel because they used to employ a woman who was interviewed by a white supremacist rag.  It’s not like she was quoted as talking about those “uppity nigras” or anything, but just the fact that she talked to them is enough.  (For perspective, look into LBJ’s comments about the future of the Democratic Party in the south, and consider how popular his memory is among American blacks).

Third problem: that I’m still here talking about it in the present tense.  This should have been recognized as a problem among Canadian conservatives and fixed, long ago.  While many of us kind of liked that Scheer appeared to be a close copy of Harper, and who isn’t going to at least admire the one federal leader who sent 3 Liberal leaders packing, right(?), one aspect of our last good Prime Minister that Scheer appears to have inherited is fear of losing popularity among the Liberal chattering classes of the Laurentian elite, AKA the rich people of central Canada who decide what’s cool and popular, and what isn’t.  Gone are the days of Conservative leaders who will actually stand up to the cool kids, and just go about the business of being conservative instead of trying to be Liberal-lite.  Not that there aren’t people out there who could and would do that, if given the chance.  But they won’t be given that chance.  The only people who were trying to be the party leader who even hinted at that kind of strength have been shown the door, either quietly and privately or loudly and under protest.  The new leader will be either McKay or O’Toole (WTF, is this Canada or Ireland?) and I honestly don’t think either one of them can beat Trudeau, because they’ve both bought totally into playing the game that the Liberals already own the board and the dice for.  Just look at that last line: neither one of these seasoned parliamentarians is going to beat the most incompetent and stupid person to ever hold the position, because they are scared to appear to the voting public as being anything significantly different from said clown.

Consider the past year: there were no less than 4 highly placed female Conservatives who were touted as possible replacements for Scheer, and all of them have said no thanks.  Why?  Who the hell would want the job, considering the environment they’d be walking into?  The media gives Trudeau a pass on absolutely everything, but spends truckloads of ink on whether Scheer might have signed some documents illegally as an insurance agent when he wasn’t technically supposed to be able to, in a small prairie town, decades ago, affecting nobody in any measurable way.  SNC Lavalin, the Aga Khan, the Kokanee grope, elbowgate, China, Cuba, fighting with Trump, blackface; none of that matters to the CBC but that asshole Scheer might have misrepresented himself legally so a farmer friend of his doesn’t have to take another trip into town to get his insurance matters handled expeditiously 20 years ago, that prick!  Why would Ambrose, or Batters, or Bergen, or Rempel submit themselves to years of that kind of abuse, knowing in advance it was going to be all-encompassing and relentless.  The media, when unfettered by left leaning governments, has shown itself many times to be especially nasty to conservative politicians and their families.  These good women saw what happened to Sarah Palin, and (perhaps wisely) took a pass.

So the Liberals, under the direction of G. Butts, has created an environment where conservatives can’t even be openly conservative without being ostracized.  They control the media, so they control the message, and the voting public is eating it up (in central Canada; the only place where it matters).  Seeing the video from a Rebel report showing a CTV Ottawa reporter actually running interference for a Liberal federal cabinet minister, at a campaign stop during a federal election, sent me into orbit!  That’s about as blatant as a media bias can get, and it got NO traction outside of the Rebel!  That’s the final problem, right there.  The fact that Butts, and Trudeau, and the LPC, and the major media are doing this, openly and brazenly, and getting away with it.

I think that Butts and the rest of the brass at that party are starting to come to a realization: that as long as they’re in control of the system, they can stay in control.  As long as they’re in the position of deciding that right wing concepts are not cool and acceptable to the mandarins of central Canada, they will be deciding what Liberals are going to be running the whole country.  So as long as no Conservatives are willing to stick their heads up from the herd no Conservatives are going to be running it.  Justin Trudeau is going to be Prime Minister of Canada until some Conservative tells him he can’t anymore.  And Butts has arranged the situation so that no conservative Conservative is going to even try.  In the future, whenever Justin becomes old Justin and wants to retire to Cuba, if no suitable Liberal is available to take his place maybe the LPC will allow some red Tory to take his place.  The Canadian political spectrum has been successfully moved several spaces over to the left, and it will continue to move that direction until a conservative stops it.  But that’s not what this column is about.

The point I am actually making here isn’t that Canada isn’t turning into a socialist paradise.  I actually don’t think the Trudeau administration is pushing a hard-core socialist approach to much of anything in our day to day lives.  He’s not really pushing anything, as far as a direction is concerned, except ever-increasing government control.  Yes, I know that’s a socialist concept, but it’s not restricted to just that angle.  Fascists also believe in that.  Total government control is a definitive of one type of government more than any other: totalitarianism.  Total government control over every aspect of the participants’ lives is something that happens under socialist, communist, and fascist governments.  All of our media is either already under the government’s thumb, or serious attempts are being made to bring the remainders under control.  All charities that depend in any way on federal government generosity have to publicly declare themselves as liberal, if not openly Liberal in order to continue to operate as they have in the past.  Anything less than that; not only are they shut out of the help they’ve had but they’re likely to be named and shamed for not being “Canadian” enough.  Gerald Butts decides what’s Canadian now, and he doesn’t tolerate non-Liberals.

So when the media has become the voice of one political party, and the only currency in our capital worth anything is party loyalty, I’m going to claim that Canada isn’t just flirting with totalitarianism; we’ve already taken a few good long strides towards the end of that particular diving board!  Gerald Butts has not only changed the spectrum, he’s successfully fooled an entire generation of Canadian right wingers into thinking the threat is socialism when it’s actually totalitarianism, as well as feeling shame for thinking that Omar Khadr doesn’t deserve more than what his future was in Gitmo.  Look at our situation today: Trudeau’s supposedly in a precarious position as the head of a minority government, but in reality he’s as free to do as he pleases as he was when he had a majority; nothing’s changed.  What opposition is going to vote with the Conservatives, over anything?  In order for the Liberals to fall, the Conservatives have to get the support of either the NDP or the Bloc.  The odds of the Bloc ever voting with the Conservatives, to end the rule of their friends the Liberals, are extremely long but still a damn site closer than the chance of the NDP doing anything remotely resembling that.  So the result of this last election is really the exact same as the result of the one before that, and nobody even needs to give lip service to Trudeau’s not having a majority government any more.  He’s there until he decides he doesn’t want to be anymore, or until a Conservative grows a set and knocks him down.

It’s like a recipe for totalitarianism, and we’re all in this soup together but nobody realizes it.

To bluntly summarize: the Conservative Party of Canada is weak, and not showing any signs of recovering the strength needed to unseat the LPC.  I’m scared that they won’t realize that until they get their asses handed to them again by the most incompetent Liberal, ever, and by then it might be too late.  The LPC, under the mentorship of Butts, is going to move to make their rule permanent at some point.  They’re likely planning for it right now, in fact.  I don’t think that time will be our saviour in this instance, or any other in the future.

I say if we want to even have the chance to save our country and have the hope of one day returning to our previous greatness, we need to find a way to take control of the media away from the Liberals.  We need to find a way to force the media to start being at least a little more impartial than they are today.  Maybe we need a Conservative leader who talks to the media like Trump does; push them around a little instead of bowing our heads when they pass by.  I don’t want the job myself, but I wouldn’t mind the opportunity to put one big greasy shot right in Ms. Barton’s eye, just one time!  I say if we had a leader who did something like that once, it would change everything (because all the other media personalities would be looking for the next spar, so the coverage would drift away from what colour Justin’s tie is and towards what the Conservative leader’s going to say next).  It’s worked quite well so far, as a strategy, for a certain orange man and his widely-expected re-election in a few months.  Imagine Don Cherry giving speeches written by old Rex.  Just sayin’…


Let’s put the blame where it belongs, before we start talking seriously about wexit. (It’s bizarre that that word is going to become part of our common lexicon in just one short day, but there it is!) Really, I say it’s Scheer’s fault. First, he was the Opposition Leader in Absentia, because we saw Trudeau’s name in the news every damn day but we only saw Scheer on odd Sundays that happened to have a full moon. Then, he listened too much to what the Liberals said about him, and he lost sight of what being conservative means to conservative voters while chasing the political middle. He never defended Harper enough. He never used Ford in the campaign, despite Ford having huge support in Toronto and couldn’t the CPC have used a bit more support in Toronto today? He believed the Liberal press when assumptions were made about Ford, and his alienation of the largest right wing press (Rebel Media) doesn’t make much sense either and I think he played right into the Liberals’ hands when he did these things. It’s like the CBC told him what he could and couldn’t say and he just believed them. So, now we look at his leadership, and maybe, if the Canadian right wing can find an effective leader to put the fear of Jesus in Trudeau, we might be able to save the country, if it happens quickly. I gotta admit tho, I’m not sold on the idea of even trying anymore. It’s starting to feel, as a western Canadian, like we’re living in occupied territory under the forced leadership of a foreign people who don’t share our dedication to our nation and view us westerners as the perpetually ruled and unimportant to the “national” dialogue. I’m not sure that, if this was the last Canadian election, that would necessarily be a bad thing.


I’m looking for proof that there isn’t a conspiracy between the major news networks to work for the Liberal Party, or more specifically against the Conservatives. I really don’t want to come to the conclusion that such a conspiracy actually exists. One thing I’ve always been sure of is the competitiveness between the various networks. It doesn’t make sense for CTV to work with CBC, or more specifically it doesn’t make sense for one network to not follow up on stories that make their competition look bad. To that end I’ve posted on the facebook sites for CBC Ottawa and Global Ottawa the question Why aren’t you all over this? and a link to the Rebel story about the CTV Ottawa reporter acting like the stupidest prick to ever hold a microphone and get paid for it. If they’re capable of acting like professionals they’ll have it as their local news headline. If they’re anti-Conservative shills prostituting themselves for a share of Trudeau’s 600 Million $ propaganda fund, the story disappears. The next 24 hours will show the truth.


I know some people who are “progressive”, and I know others who are very progressive but would get mad at you if you suggested it as a label.  In many ways it’s very similar to what I refer to as eat-the-rich anarchism.  I certainly thought of one or two specific people I know and know of who fit the category, who also fit with what this fellow is saying.



I know, it’s too easy to just re-post stuff from Rebel, so I try to avoid it.  However, being a former news director I’ve always had a more serious problem with media issues, bias, and that sort of thing, because it’s a little personal, KWIM?  So, first I hear about this issue with a Rebel reporter in Winnipeg, then I see this video, and I can’t help but get a little hot about it.  Then, there’s that nasty, nasty little trick they tried to use regarding copywrite issues Sheila talks about near the end.  SGR’s rant at the end is something I could have written in my diary, she’s so spot on I just couldn’t have put it better myself so here it is with graphics:

Normally I tend not to address every made up fake news malicious plot against us here at the Rebel.

I would never be able to do actual news and commentary if I dedicated my life to undoing every rumor and lie about my work and my colleagues. And frankly, I think that’s what a lot of these lies are designed to do: to pull us away from our work.

But sometimes the hoax and lies get so big — and especially in this instance, when the mainstream media not only becomes, first, an unwitting part of pushing the hoax but then complicit in perpetuating the same hoax despite being shown video evidence to the contrary.

Well, that’s when I’ve got to put a marker down and do a little debunking.

Let me tell you what started this mess:

My Rebel colleague Keean Bexte was in Winnipeg to cover what turned out to be a “hate crime” hoax in Winnipeg. Coincidentally, while he was there, noted anti-Semite and women’s March organizer Linda Sarsour also coming to town to talk.

Keean went down to the protest organized by the Jewish community against Linda Sarsour, to hear and report their concerns.

Before Keean ever got on the ground in Winnipeg, Antifa were already promising to assault him.

Then, at the event itself, left wing Antifa activist and sometime journalist Emily Leedham tweeted:

“Keean Bexte from the Rebel media and other local men cornering me while asking inflammatory questions to get an emotional response. This is how the Rebel media works.”

And the mainstream media was immediately outraged at Keean, including Laurie Brown of the CBC, David Akin of Global News and, especially, David Pugliese, who works for the Ottawa Citizen.

Leedham’s Twitter video of Keean now has somewhere around 200,000 views on Twitter — that’s how fast the story spread amongst those who just desperately wanted to believe it to be true.

But her video showed just a snippet of a broader incident that required more context.

(Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…)

WATCH my report as I show you full, unedited video of this incident.

I’ll provide more background, too, like the many weird tweets about Keean that Emily Leedham posted in the days and weeks leading up to Keean’s arrival in Winnipeg — going back as far as last September.

And, no surprise, we also learn from Leedham herself that the whole “confrontation” with Keean outside the Linda Sarsour event had been planned in advance.

The evidence is clear, and even a local leftist and eyewitness agreed:

Keean was not the bully but rather the bullied.

The media pushed the hoax.

By refusing to acknowledge the role they played in spreading this lie and then by not admitting their mistake, the mainstream media are actually training the radical left, like Antifa, to continue to target us.

Almost every Rebel reporter has been assaulted on the job, and the assaults are enabled by actions of the mainstream media who can’t see past their hate for us, to call what happened to us what it really is:

Violence and intimidation.


Once again, allow me to suggest an alternative to all this squabbling. Maybe the government, at more than one level, could get involved directly? A crown corporation made up of mostly engineers and scientists, all government employees, working towards technological innovations that would allow us to keep our lifestyles or improve them without environmental concerns. Tackle, directly, the issues that are stopping us from walking away from oil. We’d all use solar, or wind, or whatever if they worked and didn’t cost a fortune. So, instead of sitting on our hands and paying taxes so companies can rape us over and over for the next few generations while they waste time and money building more inefficient solar panels and wind turbines, pay those taxes so government employees can find ways to make those solar panels and/or wind turbines more efficient and effective. And the big issue: battery tech. And maybe even the really big issue: cold fusion. It could be coupled with the types of business subsidies we’ve had so far; but not for production, only for r and d, and only for projects with some promise of significant advances. The longer we do things the way we have been the more green activism we’re going to see, so how bad is that going to be in 20, 30 years? All we (society) are doing now is paying dividends for shareholders of solar and wind companies, who are going to continue to produce innovations at the pace of capitalism, which in this case, IMO, could be improved on. (This goes to the concept that in a competitive but friendly marketplace it’s common for individual producers to make incremental improvements over time, milking the market, which is what’s very likely going to happen for the next few decades at least. OR we re-elect Trudeau and get carbon taxed to death, in which case these improvements will likely happen a lot faster but with a lot more pain.) I see these two eventualities as the only options, with my suggestion as a possible alternative to make either of those two negative scenarios not happen. One possible direct benefit to my plan, other than the obvious, is patents. If a government lab comes up with a significant development, could the government in question not patent that development and possibly make some return on the investment? Plus: it’s kind of a left wing concept, creating a crown corporation ostensibly in competition with private concerns, so there’s a possibility of this being an across-the-board issue with wide based support. I say it’s not as good an idea as private industry solving these problems, but it’s a better idea than a carbon tax.

Fact checking renewable energy

Cosmos Voutsinos

“Fact checking” is easier said than done, especially while we are bombarded with misinformation. Here is an example of “fact checking” in my area of professional expertise – electricity-producing technologies.

Our government has been promoting “renewables” ideology for the last four years and uses our carbon taxes to “invest” (subsidize them). Consider the following facts, remembering that my summarizations should not be accepted verbatim but should be checked and interpreted or confirmed by you.

It is a “fact” that renewables avoid CO2 emissions, but only when they produce electricity. The installation itself needs coal and concrete to make steel towers. It has been computed that wind turbines have a carbon footprint equivalent to 1,000 tonnes CO2/MW installed nameplate capacity. Production of solar panels is even more polluting/kWh produced. Recycling (end of life) materials is a major environmental and economic problem when replacing all farms every 20 years. We hear frequently that renewable farms can power 100,000 houses. It must be understood that this implies continuous production at nameplate capacity, not actual production. We currently have several renewable farms around Alberta and we have good data for their actual performance in our climate. The Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) maintains a website which lists the real performance of every power plant in Alberta (

Here are some examples of performance and subsidies required to attract investors in renewables:

Kyoto fuels: Received $10-million subsidy from Alberta, and a federal grant tied to production for $35 million. It went bankrupt without producing anything.

Invigor: Received $1.1-million subsidy when it purchased Kyoto Fuels. It has not produced anything yet.

Medicine Hat Solar Power Plant: Received $10-million subsidy. This plant is shut down every winter. Received the following explanation from its management: “É. there is insufficient Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI) during the months of November through March to permit solar steam production.”

Brooks Solar: Received $15-million subsidy. In 2018 achieved 46 per cent of the time: zero production, 64 per cent of the time: less than 10 per cent nameplate production and 83 per cent of the time: less than 50 per cent production. During the winter months it achieved only four per cent of its nameplate capacity. Albertans should expect the dismal Brooks Solar performance to be typical for every solar power plant built here, above the 49th parallel. Earlier this year, Minister Phillips effectively announced that our government committed to 20-year contracts, subsidies and guarantees to facilitate a $1.2-billion investment in renewables (mostly Wind Farms). The average annual performance of a wind farm is about 30 per cent of its nameplate capacity. Note that the thermodynamic job and purpose of the wind is to cool the Earth’s surface and to dissipate accumulated heat. That is why the wind usually gets stronger in the afternoon. (See weather reports and marine forecasts). During the very cold winter months, there is not much heat to be removed and the wind disappears for several days.

This month, Phillips also announced our government’s commitment to facilitate a $100-million investment for more solar plants. Among other incentives the government has guaranteed $48/MWh. We were told that these will create “green” jobs. Consider that most of the subsidized “green jobs” in Alberta will be: unpacking containers, assembly/erection and using squeegees to clean the panels. The real jobs will be in China, Germany or Denmark. Meanwhile, we lose several jobs in our real economy that has created the “Alberta Advantage.”

To keep the subsidies flowing and the public quiescent, green promoters have peddled the delusion that the intermittency of solar and wind power can be solved with big batteries. Now, Elon Musk developed the first grid-sized battery he sold to Australia, unofficially reported for $100 million US. This battery could maintain the Lethbridge grid for 5-8 minutes. If we do the math, we will find that Lethbridge needs to invest $288 billion now and $28.8 billion annually (replacement) for a 10-day battery storage. Without reliable and economic energy storage, renewable technologies simply are not suitable for the Alberta grid, its latitude and climate. Why we keep subsidizing them?

Last June I presented a paper at the International conference in Physics, Computing and Mathematical Modelling (

index.php/dtcse/article/view/23704/23339). Also, last September Harvard University’s Miller and Keith published another paper on a similar topic ( Both papers are peer reviewed and come to the same conclusion from different research directions:

“Wind turbines cause direct warming that can exceed the avoided warming from reduced CO2 emissionsÉ”

Can someone please explain to me why our government’s scientific advisers ignore this science? Why they have missed our renewables’ dismal performance, shown in the AESO website? Why do they keep flooding us with misinformation tweets? Who hired them and what “due diligence” did the minister show during their hiring?

Minister Phillips, to her credit, did exactly what she promised to do. But she was an opponent of the oilsands and a “believer” of renewable energy. She stated that she knew her science and would ignore any argument. She followed the recipe of the green ideology while surrounding herself with likeminded disciples. Ideology trumped science and now we are finding ourselves in a “government-mandated mess” that will cost us millions to get out.

Twenty-six hundred years ago, an old man named Socrates said: “In a democracy the people are obliged to live under the control of whatever mediocrities they elect.” When a mediocrity is elected for one term, the shame is with the mediocrity. If the mediocrity is “re-elected” then the shame is with the electorate.

Cosmos Voutsinos is a Lethbridge-based professional engineer whose career included work ranging from system designs in the Canadian nuclear industry to construction management of U.S. power plants in Taiwan.


We all know Trudeau’s secretly a separatist, right?  I don’t, for sure.  I think he is in a small way; in a smug, Quebec-is-better-at-everything kind of way.  I think his old man was more of a separatist, but old school.  The whole idea was always for Quebecers to vote for separation, and cut the strings, and violá!  Instant nationhood!  Only, it never happened.  Now, we’ve got his spawn in charge, and he’s blatantly admitted at least once on camera that Quebecers are superior to everyone else in Canada.  I think he considers the ROC to be like children, who needs the Liberal and guiding hand of someone just like him to keep our destructive and divisive ways in check.  Like it’s a good thing a Trudeau’s in charge, to keep the Quebecers happy in confederation while doing sweet fuck-all to help out anyone anywhere else in Canada because who cares?  As long as Canada’s one country coast to coast to coast, there’s always going to be more Quebecers than anyone else and there’s always going to be more federal seats in Quebec than anywhere else and therefore as long as the LPC keeps Quebecers happy they’ll stay in power over everyone.  Trudeau doesn’t have to be very smart to figure that out, he just has to be electable, French Canadian, and Liberal, and that’s about it.

But what if he’s secretly a separatist?  A real, we need our own country, let’s physically kick all the damn English out, vivé le Quebec libré separatist?  And he’s just a little bit smarter than we all think he is?  Lord knows that wouldn’t be too hard to accomplish.  Now, the traditional angle has always been to try to convince enough Quebecers to vote for it, but that’s been tried.  And since then the appetite for it has staled a bit, for the average soup eater.

So what if he (or, wearing my Conspiracy Theory hat, his handlers) has figured to give it a try from the back door?  Think about it: Quebec doesn’t have to separate from Canada if Canada separates from it, does it?  Western separation will pretty much have the same effect, won’t it?  I can’t see Ontario teaming up with Quebec to form a new Canada should that happen.  If the west goes, the country goes.  It’ll be the Maritimes, or perhaps a state, then Quebec, then Ontario, then perhaps Buffalo or whatever, and I’m not sure what’s going to happen to BC/Yukon.  Could be separate country, could be assimilated to the US, could be part of Western Canada.  But the end result is a separate country called Quebec, and maybe that’s what Trudeau wanted all along.

He doesn’t seem capable of handling western Canada in any responsible or capable way, just like his dad.  Every single thing he’s done that has any effect on western Canada or western Canadians has been wrong, disastrous, or just pisses us off.  He even screwed up legalizing pot.  Lately it’s been getting worse, in my observations.  This SNC Lavalin scandal, it’s so obvious and blatant how desperate him and his people were to “save” jobs in Quebec, a small fraction of the jobs lost in the west that not one Liberal could be bothered to stand up for in any little way.  Does him, Butts, and all the others think we in western Canada don’t hear them, bleating about those 9,000 jobs over and over again, like they’re sooooo much more important than the hundred thousand or so from western Canada you couldn’t be bothered to do anything about?  They’re not real job losses anyway; worst case scenario they’d all get hired to do the same jobs, only for other companies that DON’T break laws (and get caught).  How does any Liberal west of Winnipeg hope to have any chance to win their seats?

But – maybe that’s the point.

Trudeau knows he doesn’t need any seats west of Winnipeg to keep his job.  His father did exactly that, so why can’t he?  He just needs to keep Quebec happy, and he’s still in striking distance of doing that, SNC Lavalin or not.  Should that happen, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t result in the country dividing into the separate entities I described above in short order, and it might not be pretty.  So, it’s entirely possible that Junior is going to succeed where Senior failed, only he’s going thru the other door to do it.

I know, I know, it’s pretty unlikely that Trudeau’s that smart, or devious, or committed to the long con like this would have to be, to be a con at all.  Which is why that conspiracy hat starts looking a little more attractive, when you start looking for motivations.  My problem is the consistency of the victims of Trudeau’s screw-ups.  There seems to be 2 groups: Western Canada and everyone else, but never Quebec.  The only exception is the current SNC Lavalin scandal, but everyone’s gotta admit he tried to move heaven and earth to avoid it, and punished the cabinet minister responsible for the original part of it happening (which started the rest of it, because I believe he really is that stupid).  His own incompetency and the party’s overall hubris led to the fiasco we’ve got now, and hopefully it leads to the end of his reign and the plan to divide up the country.

I see the upcoming election as a referendum on the continued existence of Canada as a nation.  Liberals will claim Quebec (and Ontario, if they can get away with it, which is now unlikely due to Ford) and parts or all of the Maritimes, and the rest of us can vote right wing until the cows come home.  Central Canadian Liberals have never considered the West as anything more than a source of annoying conservatives and a wealth of certain natural resources; but lately the bulk of those resources has lost both it’s lustre and it’s worth, so if the federal government can ensure the long term continued decreased value of the West’s most valuable asset the value, politically of the West gets diminished to the point of not being needed to continue considering it as even part of the voting and taxpaying constituency.

150 years ago Sir John A. MacDonald gave the Liberals a gift of alienating Quebecers to the point of them voting Liberal in every election in our history, with one brief exception under Mulroney.  If the LPC can get Central Canada to become it’s own country, that party will run that country for another 150 years.  Or, at least, I can see Liberal strategists thinking that’s a possibility.  It would never happen, of course.  Being Liberals, they’d screw it up before long.  Their sense of self-entitlement and deeply ingrained hubris pretty much guarantees it.  But being Liberals I can see them seriously trying to make the circumstances as difficult on Western Canada as they can to try to force us to walk away from confederation, so they can say we did it despite their best efforts to keep the “divisive” Western conservatives under the beneficial, Liberal federal umbrella.

I almost hope that’s the plan, in a way.  I mean, the alternative is that Trudeau and the rest of the Liberals running this country really are as stupid and incompetent as they have appeared to be so far.  And that kinda scares me more than my conspiracy theory.  The fact that there are enough stupid people to actually vote these morons in, and they might just do it again.  I fear for my country.


I’ve been quoted, here and elsewhere, as one who would take a hatchet to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.  I have also been quoted as one who favours taking individual instances and circumstances into account.  Like Don Cherry or old Rex, for example.  The CBC does get the odd thing right.  I think this is one of them, one could say the exception that proves the rule.  I’ve got some complaints about it, included in the comments at the bottom of the page.  Hypocrisy regarding the Rebel, that sort of thing.  But overall I thought it okay, and gave it a B-.

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